the akemi experience

Akemi Photography believes in serendipity, much adored amazing children, pets that are children, the longest of warm summer days and choc chip cookie dough ice-cream. Not necessarily in that order though!

Akemi Photography values stories from the heart, friends old and new, and all the small details.

why choose akemi?

Akemi Photography captures perfect individual moments, which when woven together tell the most amazing of stories – the story of your entire family as it truly is, right now. For those pet parents, your furkids are most definitely considered to be members of family and your story simply would not be complete without them.

Akemi Photography finds the wonderful and adorable bonds that exist in families – between siblings, between parent and child, and between kids and their pets.  Akemi Photography devotes the time and personal attention to capture the fleeting nature and wonder that makes each child unique and each family incredible.  And following each tailored session, Akemi Photography designs beautiful heirloom photography products, allowing these delightful moments to be proudly displayed in your home and treasured long into the future.

Be delighted.