about kerry

hello there,

Thanks for stopping by!  This site is my story – its what makes me happy, what I do and what I love.

I adore my amazing husband and best friend Sam; our truly spoiled furkids Kimba & Keiko; Amazon, Etsy and ebay; unexpected acts of kindness; Asian food; fantastic stories like Paullina Simons’ The Bronze Horseman and the movie ‘Love Actually’.

I believe that perfect moments with those we love make it all worthwhile; in karma and kismet; that everyone should travel to broaden their mind; and that the journey itself is often the reward.

I pretend that licorice-chocolate bullets have no calories whatsoever; to something in my eye during that tearjerker movie moment and that I really can achieve more doing 15 things at once.

I’m inspired by kids’ laughter, play and imagination; learning; reading biographies and great historical tales; a brand new destination; wide open spaces and the beauty in nature; great eclectic and vintage finds, and flowers.

I’m the queen of over-thinking, over-planning and list making; having great ideas in the middle of the night; planning for the ‘next’ holiday; sleep-ins; Kenzo perfumes and lipgloss.

So, that’s me in dot-points.  My blog, however, shares far more of my story.  I would love to connect with you and for our stories to entwine, albeit briefly, so be sure to leave me a comment or catch up with me on Facebook!

My Photography Philosophy

For those looking for an indication of my motivations as a photographer, here they are. I love all things photography.  In fact, that’s still understating it!  I love to look back through old family albums, to feel a connection with the young lady who I had only ever known as my grandmother, to imagine the event or witness the magical moments.  I hope that the photographs I take, create similar feelings for others and will do so well into the future.

While I dabble in all sorts of photography and personal projects to stretch my creativity, it is families and all of their special moments that are my passion.  I love interacting with families, children and pets to capture a delightful moment.  I love being witness to big life moments – love, the arrival of a precious little one or a birthday, as well as to the little in-between moments full of meaning – a touch, a kiss, a look, a gesture. I love to capture a detail that would otherwise go undocumented.  I love documenting life to create lasting memories.


many hugs, Kerry