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The 7 Mistakes You Make Photographing Your Dog ~ Free eBook

Do you want to capture amazing photos of your dog?

Do you want photos that show your companion’s incredible personality and the unforgettable connection you have?

Do you want photos you’ll always treasure?

With our incredible Infographic & eBook you’ll find the 7 most common mistakes that dog lovers make when taking photos of their canine best friend. More excitingly though, you’ll also find our best tips on how to avoid making those mistakes, so that you’ll be taking your best dog photos yet!  And the best bit – these are our gifts to you – we want for everyone to have incredible photos of your dogs, ones that they will be able to cherish now and well into the future as they remember their best friend.

The ‘7 Mistakes You Make Photographing Your Best Friend’ eBook

The ‘7 Mistakes You Make Photographing Your Best Friend’ eBook is an incredible 60 pages of guidance, tips and gorgeous inspiring photos!  Check out a little sneak peek of some of the pages:

7 Mistakes eBook Example Spread 1

7 Mistakes eBook Example Spread 2

7 Mistakes eBook Example Spread 3

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The ‘7 Mistakes You Make Photographing Your Best Friend’ Infographic

Don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to read an information filled eBook?  We’ve got you covered!  We’ve summarised the 7 mistakes and 31 great tips into one Better Dog Photos Infographic just for you!

Download a copy of the ‘7 Mistakes You Make Photographing Your Best Friend infographic for yourself!  If you are after further explanations on these mistakes and tips – well they’re all found in the eBook, so after you’ve looked over the Infographic, you might just find yourself downloading the eBook as well!

akemi infographic

We’d love to see the photos you capture using the tips and guidance in our eBook and Infographic!  Feel free to upload a photo of your beautifully photographed dog in the comments!  And of course, feel free to leave us some comments or love!

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  • Jo Smyth

    Hi this one of my first attemps at pet photography. Thank you so much, I have just downloaded your ebook and eager to read it. This is Skitz, he is a 2 and a half year old American staffy with lots of personality. I love this photo of him. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated 😊

    • Hi Jo, What a spunk Skitz is and a great first photo. An adorable expression. As you’ve asked for feedback – It looks to me like the nose & toe nails could be the sharpest focus points in the photo and if you want his gorgeous eyes to sparkle then I’d set my focus point on them and ensure they are the sharpest. Kerry xx

      • Jo Smyth

        Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for your feedback. I’ve taken it on board and it has certainly made my photo’s so much better. To get some advice from a professional such as yourself is gold. I have all so read your ebook 7 mistakes you make when photographing your dog which I found very helpful. I have found these tips to be handy whilst photographing horses recently. I will post another photo of Skitz taken after your advise and reading your book 😊https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8f78e4096053ff8ce2e2571e8df4e5b36b76738f0228a70e9e43baa38e61aa4.jpg

        • Hi Jo! Nailed the focus on his eyes! Well done. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and feedback.

          • Jo Smyth

            A small gesture by one can have an enormous positive effect on another, words can’t express my appreciation for stumbling upon you <3 much love to to you Kerry <3