Is your pet absolutely part of the family...?

Hi!  I’m Melbourne dog and pet photographer, Kerry Martin.  With my own adored dogs & cats, I know how special & unique a fur family can be. I whole heartedly believe that pets are part of the family and, for this reason, I specialise in photography for pets & their people!

♥ Are you looking for an award-winning, professional pet photographer that’s fluent in ‘dog’ & ‘cat’ to capture the essence of your furkids?

♥ Do you have 1000’s of photos of your pet, but none are good enough for your walls?

♥ Are you looking for a beautiful lasting momento of them, knowing that your time together will be much shorter than you’d like and that memories fade as time passes?

At Akemi Photography we create incredible experiences to capture the connection that you have with your pets.  Our photography captures what you love most about them, is a lasting tribute & delivers photography artwork that you can proudly displayed in your home.

Looking for an overview of how we can help you? Download our gorgeous online brochure.  Have time to stay & dig a little deeper? We recommend starting at our gallery portfolio to see more of our beautiful photography!